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Telia Finland Oyj’s direct marketing

Customer communications

To serve our customers even better, we may send customer messages (by post or electronically) concerning the products and services the customer uses. We may also send information on other services provided by Telia Finland Oyj (hereinafter “Company”) related to the customer’s service or product.

Direct marketing messages

In addition to such customer messages, the Company may also send you marketing messages (also electronically, if you have given your permission to that) to give you more comprehensive information on the products, services and benefits of the Company and its partners. Direct marketing permissions apply to all of the Company’s Group companies and all of your products and services, such as mobile subscriptions, Internet accesses, TV services and other value added services. You will not receive more than five marketing messages per week.

You may also receive messages related to products and services you have already bought without separate permission for electronic direct marketing.

Targeting of direct marketing messages

We can target marketing messages we send you by means of your customer data. When you are our customer, use our services or visit our website, we get information on you that enables us to better offer you topical and relevant offers and messages to meet your needs. If you do not want us to tailor our messages to suit you better, you can request that we no longer perform targeting.

If you wish, you can also give your consent to targeting marketing messages on the basis of traffic and location data generated in connection with the use of the Company’s products and services.

Traffic data include data on calls and text messages: data on the parties engaged in the communications, the date, time and duration of the connection, the IP address and location data of the subscription, and any data on the terminal device. Traffic data enable us to give you a tip on a subscription better suited to your needs or on new accessories for your terminal device.

Location data, in turn, indicate the geographic location of the subscription or terminal device, and are used to offer value added services such as map, navigation or locally targeted advertising services. The accuracy of location data depends on factors such as the features of the added value service to be offered and, with regard to mobile phones, the number of base stations in the area in question. Location data are used, for example, when the customer orders information on the location the nearest pharmacy or restaurant to be sent to their phone. Similarly, you may also receive a locally targeted advertisement based on the fact that you are currently in the area in question.

Targeted and personalized advertising in social media services

We can target and personalize advertising that you find interesting also in the social media channels. Advertising can be based on for example the personal data we process while providing you a contractual service or when you use our services. You can administer marketing related settings and prohibit advertising in Minun Telia application or by logging in to telia.fi. You can also contact our customer service.

To target and personalize advertising in the social media channels, we can also use information about your visit on our websites, which we collect by means of cookies (further information here). You can prevent cookie-based advertising for example by using the "do not track" functionality in your browser.

You can adjust your browser settings also on these websites:

It is possible to prohibit targeted advertisements also in the social media services by following their guidelines and privacy policies. Examples:


Data protection and management of settings

You can find more information on the processing of customer data in the Privacy Notice. Data collected on the basis of marketing permission will not be disclosed to parties outside the Company without the customer’s separate consent except when allowed or required by law. However, the Company may disclose to third parties such coarsened statistical data that do not make it possible to identify any individuals.

You can modify your settings related to data protection and direct marketing in the Minun Telia application or at Omat Sivut. You can also make the changes by calling our customer service. If you so wish, you can prohibit marketing completely.

Are you our corporate customer? If you are a corporate customer, you can update your marketing consents with this form