Terms of service: Minun Telia -application and biometric data

Updated 6.4.2020

You can sign in to Minun Telia application using face or fingerprint recognition, depending on the technology supported by your device. Telia does not access, control or otherwise process the biometric data stored in your device.

Face and fingerprint recognition are enabled by accepting the Terms of Service. Enabling this feature is optional, and despite these methods of authentication you can also use other login methods provided by Telia, such as the Mobile ID and Telia ID.

The information in Minun Telia app is personal. The application user must not allow another user to log in to the application instead of the correct user. As a result, other users' information must not be added to the face or fingerprints accepted by the device, and the device lock code must not be known to other users. If facial recognition is used as an authentication method, you must not hand over possession of the device to a third party, so that your customer data will remain protected, and no other persons can have access to them. When using Face or Fingerprint recognition, My Telia is not compatible to be used in shared devices.

As a customer, you will be bound by any action you take using biometric authentication.

Telia shall at all times, without notice, have the right to block the use of biometric authentication on one or more devices or on one or more services.

The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damages if Minun Telia Application user enables another user to bypass or successfully use Face or Fingerprint recognition.

Face and Fingerprint Authentication can be disabled on the device by:

  • Disabling the feature from the application’s settings or
  • Uninstalling the application.