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Delve deep into the world of 5G, IoT, and smart cities. One Hub houses all our articles for your inspiration.


Remeo tests NB-IoT technology for locating skips
Remeo Oy is a nationwide environmental management company that develops solutions with its customers for returning the litter of yesterday for use as tomorrow’s raw materials. With the NB-IoT -pilot, Remeo wants to study tracking its skips.
This is how the Internet of Things will develop – read 10 trends that will transform the IoT
The next five years will radically transform the development of the Internet. The changes are related to both AI and sensors as well as, for instance, data trade. The research company Gartner lists the most interesting IoT trends of the near future.
Powered by partnerships, NB IoT is becoming more commonplace
Telia is developing NB IoT solutions in partnership with dozens of other technology companies. Building a partner network helps us to provide our customers with the most diverse repertoire of IoT solutions on the market.
Eyes to the sky – drones expand our field of vision by 360 degrees
The logistics sector, in particular, is looking to drones when thinking about the future. The utilisation of the low-emission and agile aircraft is only limited by imagination and common rules. How can society and businesses benefit from drones?
This is how you solve real equipment needs
Construction sites are in constant flux. People are always looking for equipment and machines. Cramo has tested various solutions for locating the equipment, using Bluetooth, RFID and Wi-Fi networks. All require that a local network be set up. NB-IoT does not.
Smart trucking will soon develop at 5G speed
Digitalisation reduces the environmental impact of road transport and creates cost savings. 5G makes new kinds of smart solutions with trucks and warehouses possible.
5G - Questions and Answers
A large number of questions were sent in advance for Telia’s ‘5G is here’ webinar, but there was not time to answer all of them during the webinar. In this article, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions and Telia experts’ answers to them.
Helsinki wants to be the most viable city in the world: “We need a huge amount of innovation and technology”
Helsinki aims to be the most viable city in the world. Jan Vapaavuori, the Mayor of Helsinki, spoke at the startup event Slush and said that, in an unstable world, Helsinki can provide people with a predictable environment. This means many things, such as security and a reliable airport. “A good life means different things for different people, but being carefree is usually a key factor,” says Vapaavuori.
Not just cat videos – 5G capacity and speed enable new kinds of services
Telia will open a commercial 5G network in 2019. What will happen then? What happens then depends on the needs of our partners and on data-based new innovations.
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