Telia’s new esports series features two games in the spring – the top teams in the country will compete for the prize money

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Telia Esports Series, that will start at the end of April, will feature the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive computer game and the Arena of Valor mobile game. The total prize money is €50,000. The top teams in Finland will be competing in the series.

Telia announced at the Assembly digital festival that the company is going to create a new esports league in Finland. The games in the Telia Esports Series, that supports professional gaming and also entertains esports newbies, have now been published.

“We chose CS:GO and Arena of Valor as the first competition games because of their interest and differences. Extremely popular in Finland and abroad, CS:GO is a tactical combat game with long history. Arena of Valor, on the other hand, is a fresh strategy game which, as a mobile game, represents a rapidly growing scene,” says Niklas Segercrantz of the Telia Finland esports team.

Telia will run the Telia Esports Series in co-operation with Assembly, in which Telia became the majority shareholder last summer.

“The combo of the classic and a newcomer is intriguing. Our broadcasts will have versatile and fascinating content that entertains many. We intend to make a series with a personal look out of the love for the sport,” says Assembly’s CEO Pekka Aakko.

The total prize money in Telia Esports Series is €50,000. The prize money for CS:GO is €40,000 while the amount for Arena of Valor is €10,000.

Top Finnish teams and a surprise name as invited guests

Eight teams of five players each will be playing the combat game CS:GO in Telia Esports Series. Four of the teams will participate by invitation, and four will be admitted through qualifiers in March. The season starts on 26 April, and the final is played on 7 June 2019. The qualifiers are played online and the finals live.

Telia has invited the top teams in Finland, ENCE, HAVU, SuperJymy and a completely new CS:GO elite team that has emerged in Finland with the general growth of esports and the launch of Telia’s Esports Series. The team will be introduced next week.

Similarly, eight teams of five players each will be playing the smartphone-based Arena of Valor. All teams will play their way to the series through the qualifiers arranged in March. The season starts on 27 April and the finals will be played at Summer Assembly at the beginning of August.

”For the players, Telia Esports Series is an excellent opportunity, as they can regularly play and develop in the series. The range of games will grow in the future because in our vision, Finland is a leading esports country while gaming is the greatest passion in the North,” says Niklas Segercrantz.

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