Voice mail service update

Topical today: For a better management experience, the voice mail service will be updated at the end of May 2021. All this is included in the update:

  • You will have space for 50 messages in the voice mail (currently approximately 20 one-minute messages).
  • The security of the PIN codes used in the service will be improved.
  • You can also record an announcement as your message. With announcements, the caller cannot leave a message but the call will be disconnected once the announcement has played.
  • An incoming voice mail message can no longer be forwarded to another Telia voice mail. However, it can be e-mailed.
  • Messages can no longer be listened to in Minun Telia. Listening will be possible with a phone only.
  • The way the voice mail is used with a telephone will be updated.
  • Visual Voicemail will be an option later during 2021. Visual Voicemail allows for listening to messages saved in the voice mail in a mailbox-like environment.

The update will not affect the greetings and messages in your voice mail. They will remain unchanged and will not be deleted.

Voice mail will remain free even after the update. If you feel you no longer need your voice mail service, you can remove it from your subscription.