RIPE Database

Last updated on 2021-03-25

In order to assign and manage Internet Resources such as IP addresses and AS Numbers, Telia in some cases needs to collect and share personal data. We recommend you to read privacy information below.

Please note that the resource holder (Customer) is responsible to ensure that all individuals whose personal data is provided to Telia are sufficiently informed beforehand about their data collection and sharing, as well as about their privacy related rights as required by applicable data protection laws.

1. Why we need to collect, store and publish personal data?

We are the responsible Internet Registry and thus we validate the IP request, manage and update any related records in relevant databases, i.e. the RIPE Database (Whois).

As a Local Internet Registry Telia in some cases needs to collect and store personal data (contacts details) as part of the service to provide Internet number resources (e.g. IP addresses and AS numbers), that includes managing orders and solving service related incidents, based on performance of contract.

As a Local Internet Registry Telia is obliged to follow the RIPE policies when managing Internet Resources such as IP addresses and AS Numbers and to share some data with RIPE. That is based on Telia´s legitimate interest to provide to its customers quality services that comply with RIPE policies.

Telia may also store some personal data of the resource holder’s contact persons based on Telia´s legitimate interests to fight fraudulent behavior and for legal defense purposes.

The resource holder is responsible to ensure that the data they provide to Telia is accurate and collected lawfully, also that contact persons those personal data is provided to Telia are properly informed about this and their related privacy rights. Telia will delete the personal data on request from the resource holder as described in the Section 5 below).

2. What is RIPE and how is the RIPE Database (Whois) used?

RIPE NCC = regional registry
RIPE = internet community

RIPE NCC acts as the regional registry for Internet number resources in Europe and therefore manages the operations of the public RIPE Database (the so called Whois). All Internet Resource assignments must be registered in the public RIPE database together with contact details of the End User.  

This function is crucial for the operations of the Internet globally. It ensures the uniqueness of Internet number resources used in the public network, which is essential for the Internet to function properly. Publishing registration information in the RIPE Database (Whois) also ensures transparency around the proper distribution of Internet number resources. The RIPE Database contains information e.g. to facilitate coordination between network operators (network problem resolution, outage notification etc.) and this purpose justifies the publication of personal data in the RIPE Database (Whois).

Moreover, having contact details of individuals responsible for specific Internet number resources, or that provide technical support to the corresponding networks, facilitates Internet coordination and is crucial when something goes wrong. As one of the purposes of the RIPE Database (Whois) is to provide information related to the resource holder, the RIPE community has concluded that an individual maintaining an Internet number resource cannot be anonymous.

3. What data is stored/published in the RIPE Database?

The publicly-available RIPE Database contains registration details of Internet number resources (IP addresses and AS Numbers) and, in particular, information about the organizations or persons (e.g. sole traders) that hold Internet number resources, including their contact details. Also contained are the contact details of people responsible for the networks the Internet number resources correspond to and/or those responsible for maintaining the information in the RIPE Database.

These are usually the technical and administrative employees of the natural or legal persons that hold the resources (e.g. the IP addresses). The contact details of a resource holder and their appointed contact persons consist of names, (business) email addresses, (business) phone and fax numbers, and (business) postal addresses.

The resource holder is responsible for making sure that all contact details are updated at all time.

4. How long we store the data?

Telia stores personal data as long as the Internet Service from Telia, entitled to these resources, is active and at the longest up to 3 years after terminated Service, e.g. any IP connect Service entitled to fixed public IP addresses.

5. Where does Telia store and process the personal data?

Telia stores and processes personal data in Sweden when administrating this service.

6. How to correct and/or remove personal data?

If the Resource holder’s contact person wants their data to be removed from the Telia’s or RIPE’s database, the Resource holder can contact us via email: or via general customer support channels.

Please note that in such a request the Resource holder is responsible for providing another person’s contact details before the request can be handled. If the up-to-date contact details are not provided, the resources may be deregistered.

7. Are privacy concerns are taken into account in the RIPE Database (Whois)?

Privacy concerns are taken into account by the RIPE community. You can read about that more on the RIPE website.

8. How Telia protects personal data?

Please read more how Telia protects personal data and how to contact Telia here: