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Articles & videos

5G might be coming, but what does it actually mean? Check out some concrete examples we've done this far.


5g self-driving car in traffic in espoo, finland

smart traffic in helsinki:
robot bus line 94R 

Telia 5G Parents vs. Parents at Assembly

Nokia & telia industry 4.0. trial

eSports with 5G at Nokia's 5g lab

virtual visit to Santa’s Workshop over 5G

5G arena, helsinki: football demo

Telia: bringing 5G to Helsinki in 2018


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Not just cat videos – 5G capacity and speed enable new kinds of services

Telia will open a commercial 5G network in 2019. What will happen then? What happens then depends on the needs of our partners and on data-based new innovations.

In the future of virtual reality, a digital twin “teleports” us anywhere in the world

In 2016, Finland along with the rest of the world went crazy about the augmented reality game Pokemon GO. For many, the game was their first glimpse to augmented reality. In addition, samples of augmented and virtual reality solutions have been showcased in recent years at expos and trade shows, where companies use AR and VR to promote their products.

5G accelerates automation on land and at sea

Traffic in Finland is automating at a rapid pace. 5G networks are essential in ensuring the reliability of self-guided vehicles. Automation enables equal opportunities for mobility and safer island traffic.

More producers, flexible consumption – an agile power grid through 5G

The production of electricity is on the road to decentralisation. As small-scale renewable energy producers emerge alongside large power plants, the even distribution of electricity will become increasingly challenging. The upcoming 5G network will ensure rapid responsiveness to fluctuations in electricity production and facilitate new business in the energy sector.

A 5G city is built together – one pit lid at a time

Outdoor work and innovation – building a 5G network and utilizing it for meaningful services requires both. Cities will create future services in cooperation with businesses, based on open sharing of data.

"Look, no hands" – 5G comes in support of self-driving cars

A small passenger car is steadily driving forward in Karaportti, Espoo. The passenger sits casually with the "bones out", or with arms resting on the open windows.
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