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Telia Helsinki Data Center is open

The safest and largest open data center in the Nordics is now open for business. Did you know that the heat energy produced by Telia's data center can heat up to 20 000 apartments?

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forerunner, Join the 5G era

5G is no longer just a thought – we really are making it happen and inviting you to join the journey! How will things change during the next few years and what does it mean to your business?

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protected traffic

The Telia SSL certificate protects the traffic between your website and its visitors. We provide you with reliable encryption and an HTTPS identifier, which tells visitors that your website is secured, in a single package.

Data center services securely from Finland

Data centers have great significance to production in the digital era, and they are an integral part of society’s infrastructure.


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Customer value increases through combination of data sets

The data obtained from the mobile network on the movement of crowds provides useful information to support decision-making. When combined with other data sets, however, understanding and opportunities grow exponentially. We will be seeking ideas for combining data at the Junction hackathon with our Wisdom of Crowds challenge.

A 5G city is built together – one pit lid at a time

Outdoor work and innovation – building a 5G network and utilizing it for meaningful services requires both. Cities will create future services in cooperation with businesses, based on open sharing of data.

"Look, no hands" – 5G comes in support of self-driving cars

A small passenger car is steadily driving forward in Karaportti, Espoo. The passenger sits casually with the "bones out", or with arms resting on the open windows.

Oulu is one of the first 5G smart cities in Finland

Everyone is keen on benefiting from the opportunities offered by 5G, but few cities are as geared up for it as Oulu.

Crowd Insights to support decision-making for urban and traffic planners

Cities are constantly changing, affecting the lives of millions. Urban and public transportation planners need the best possible data to support their decision-making and to make long-term decisions. But how can we make sure that the decisions have successful results?

From a family business to a global group – a hundred-year-old conglomerate is succeeding both domestically and internationally

Wihuri´s international business is built on well-functioning connections
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