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Telia XR Challenge rules

The challenge in brief

Telia welcomes companies to join this challenge to innovate with us future XR solutions that can be services, content, platforms or something what we don’t even imagine yet (XR = Augmented Reality AR Virtual Reality VR and Mixed Reality MR).

By joining Telia XR Challenge companies have an opportunity to propose solutions to create business with Telia and scale up business to Nordics and Baltics together with Telia. During the challenge each selected participant will have possibility to receive coaching from Telia and an access to relevant data owned by Telia, that they can use to improve their solutions for the purposes of this challenge.

The challenge is open for both B2B and consumer XR solutions.

What are we looking for?

The purpose of this challenge is to seek new business from outside Telia. We are searching for new and innovative XR solutions to our B2B and consumer customers. Competitors can be startups, scaleups, and other companies with the right idea that can be tailored to Telia.
The proposed solutions must be capable of being commercialized and those must offer clearly definable customer value.

Criteria for the judgement of winning solutions are following:
  • Realistic and doable
  • Fancy
  • Readiness for market
  • Business opportunities
  • Fits to Telia portfolio and strategy

The competitors can propose only solutions that are originally developed by them. Each participating company must own all the rights to the solution it proposes to this challenge. Each participant guarantees that no third party holds any rights to the solution proposed by them or any information included in their application or presented by them during the challenge.

This challenge has no effect on the ownership of the proposed solutions. Ownership of the proposed solutions and related IPR’s will remain in hold of the participating companies and possible IPR protection (e.g. patenting, trade mark registration) is solely responsibility of them.

Submission of the solution to this challenge do not prevent Telia from commercialising similar solutions and ideas. Telia reserves always the right to develop similar solutions and make commercial or other use of similar solutions and concepts than submitted to this challenge in its businesses.


The winner of this challenge will receive an award of 30 000 Euros.

The awards are taxable income according to Finnish legislation and award winners shall finally be responsible for all taxes related to the awards.

The prizes will only be awarded if Telia determines that the finalists adhere to the criteria for the judgement of winning solutions further set by Telia's jury. Telia's jury reserves the right to refrain from awarding the prize with no reason or explanation. Telia’s jury receives also the right to choose more than one winner in which case the first award will be equally divided with the winning companies.

Who can apply and how?

Only registered companies can apply to this challenge.
Companies can join this challenge by completing an application form and making a video pitch which is max 7 minutes long. Participants can use e.g. speech, graphics or demos in their videos. In the video, participants are expected to tell about their XR-proposal and also shortly about their company. The video pitch must be in English.

Applications and videos must be sent via following website of this challenge by 20.10.2019.

Application link

Any applications received after the deadline will not be eligible for this challenge.
By submitting an application, the participants agree to follow the rules of the competition.

Schedule of the challenge

1) Application phase
  • The challenge will be open for applications on 26.9.2019.
  • Deadline for applications 20.10.2019
  • Application validation, which includes:
  • pplication check, and
  • possible interviews of the participants by Telia
2) Co-creation phase
  • Telia’s jury will choose 5 - 10 innovative teams to continue
  • Each participating company will sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement with Telia.
  • Co-creation days on 19. – 20.11.2019 together with Telia.
3) Final competition phase
  • Finalists pitch their idea in the finals on 20.11.2019 in Helsinki XR Center.
  • Telia’s jury will decide the winner of the challenge.
  • The winner will be announced in Helsinki XR Center event on 20.11.2019.

Further information