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Telia Helsinki Data Center is open

Keep your data safe and sound in the most modern data center in Europe. What kind of a solution would suit your company best?

build a secure digital future for your business

When the significance of business data grows, secure data storage, refining and transfer may require new solutions. Whether you need a platform for services enabled by the fourth industrial revolution (such as robotics, IoT and 5G) or just a simple rack, Telia Helsinki Data Center is here for you.

Our open data center provides data center, cloud, and infrastructure services for both Finnish and international companies and organizations – with ease, speed, and security.

Contact us if you want to learn more about our data center services.

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Benefits of Helsinki Data Center services



Data Center terminology, explained

We have a compiled a glossary of the most important terms related to the Telia Helsinki Data Center. Read more about the features of the new data center or learn about the data center world on a more general level.

Rack Unit (RU)

Rack Unit (RU) is a unit that discloses the height of a data cabinet or an individual device, for example. 1 RU is 1.75 inches, or 44.45 mm, high.Of the data cabinets at the Telia Helsinki Data Center, data cabinet 52 RU, for example, is 52 rack units high and can accommodate 50 servers or other devices the height of which is 1 RU.

Customer-specific data hall

The customer’s own data center on the Telia Helsinki Data Center premises, designed and priced on a case-by-case basis.

MeetMe room

The fibre optic cables of other operators are terminated at the cross-connection rooms (MeetMe rooms) of the Telia Helsinki Data Center. There are four cross-connection rooms, and they are located close to the point where the cables enter the HDC.

Telia Colocation

A modern data center service for companies, public corporations and operators. A secure way of locating your own server and data communications equipment in facilities provided by Telia. Read more about the Colocation services


Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

The device cabinets are furnished with two Power Distribution Units (A + B). Device cabinet 52 RU has 2 x 48 sockets and device cabinet 12 RU has 2 x 13 sockets. Electricity consumption and use are measured and reported per data cabinet, and the invoicing for consumption is based on kWh. PDUs suitable for monitoring phase/socket-specific consumption can be ordered as a supplementary service.

Power and cooling capacity

Each device cabinet and equipment space is provided, by default, with a certain amount of power and cooling capacity, which cannot be exceeded without a separate agreement.

Raised floor

At the Telia Helsinki Data Center, cooling air is conveyed to data cabinets from under the installation floor. For this purpose, there is an empty room of about one metre under the floor for the cooling air. The installation floor consists of grid panels or perforated plates of 600 x 600 mm on top of a steel frame.

Redundant power supply

The power supply of the data center is implemented with two separate supplies backed up by UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) devices N+1 and an accumulator. N+1 means that there is enough redundancy capacity even if one device were broken. The redundancy is also based on the use of generators N+1. “UPS 10 min/GEN N+1”, for example, means that the power supply has 10 minutes of accumulator redundancy time and, in addition, diesel generators will ensure power supply in the case of power failures of over 10 minutes.

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