Sonera is now Telia – what does it mean?

What changes and what is it all about – here are the answers.
What is this all about?

Sonera and Tele Finland combine to form Telia. The new Telia combines Sonera’s international strength and forerunner position with Tele Finland’s award-winning customer experience. The Cygate and DataInfo brands also become Telia, but the companies keep their legal names of Cygate Oy and Data-Info Oy. 

Why are you making this exact change?

Digitalisation is constantly changing our everyday life, and keeping up with the changes requires experimenting and learning new things continuously. We have the courage to make bold reforms in our own activities and services so that we can serve you and your organisation better. We promise to offer happy experiences of seamlessness in the everyday lives of people and companies. You can experiment, acquire and use services in the way you want.

Are you now more Swedish than before?

We Finns are increasingly international, and so is the new Telia. We are part of Telia Company, which operates in 17 countries from Norway to Turkey. Our global connections enable us to provide you with the best services, wherever you are. The international Telia enables an economy of scale and international friendships – just the kind of partnerships and new things that make us all excited.

We are a part of the Swedish Telia Company, but the Finnish business is managed by a Finnish limited liability company, whose name now changes from TeliaSonera Finland Oyj to Telia Finland Oyj. Therefore, we will be just as Finnish as we have always been: the company is Finnish, it pays taxes in Finland, and we pay wages to Finnish employees with the currency used in Finland. We invest 200 million euros per year into Finland, and we employ 3,000 people in Finland directly and just as many more through our partners. Our company’s business ID also remains the same.

Why are you destroying the successful Tele Finland that its customers love?

Tele Finland is not destroyed by any means! Among other things, TF provides a model of excellent service for Telia. This change is a great opportunity to offer more of our company’s services to the customers of TF, too, because a growing number of them want a wider range of services and e.g. the roaming benefits that we have offered under our main brand. When Tele Finland started its operations, the market situation was very different; there is no longer a similar need for a service provider that focuses only on mobile services.

What does the change mean for you in practice?

Most of the services and products remain the same; only their name will change. Our mobile phone and Wireless Surf subscriptions will be renewed to meet the needs of our customers and guarantee that they can use their phones in Europe, too, without worries. All of your subscriptions will work just like before, but you can ensure that you get the best benefits by updating your mobile phone and Wireless Surf subscriptions to Telia. 

Will the prices go up?

The mobile phone and Wireless Surf subscription offering will be renewed. The price list will also change, meaning that some of the prices may rise slightly, some may go down and some will remain the same. In the future, the monthly rate of a subscription will always include Internet usage in the EU area, meaning that you get more for the monthly charge. You can either choose a ready-made package or customise your own. No fixed-term agreements. 

Will Sonera's old business ID change?

The business ID of TeliaSonera Finland Oyj will remain the business ID of Telia Finland Oyj. The legal names and business IDs of our subsidiaries, Cygate Oy and Data-Info Oy, will not change.

How will the brand change be visible to me as a corporate customer? (e.g. bills, product names, ways of working, contact methods)

In the future, it will be easier for you to do business with us than ever before. The change will clarify and standardise our product names. The products shown on the bill will have the prefix ‘Telia’. The product features or prices will not change in any other way. We will simplify our operations in ways such as combining our customer service numbers and social media accounts. The customer service numbers of Cygate and DataInfo will remain the same.

Do I need to do anything due to the change?

The change does not require any changes related to the agreement from our corporate customers.

In case the web address of those of our online services that you use changes, we recommend that you update your bookmarks or other automatic redirects. However, the current addresses will still guide you to the right service for the time being.

What is the purpose of the change and the future benefits for us as your customers?

The change of brand expresses our internationality and highlights the fact that our customers get the best and latest services from us. We are a large, international operator that offers you comprehensive networks and services, both locally and globally. Annually, we invest 200 million euros in Finnish data communications. 

We constantly analyse customer experiences and our customer knowledge in order to reach the best end result, because as the customer, you are at the centre of our business. We take advantage of this knowledge in solving the needs of your company’s customers or your personnel in connection with well-functioning digital solutions.

Why are Cygate and DataInfo shown under the Telia brand?

We all have our own strong focus areas and expertise. Together, we offer a convincing and comprehensive palette of next generation services and expertise. We want to highlight our activities as a whole more, because we see it as a way to meet our customers’ needs of deepening digitalisation well. Under a single brand, our message is clarified, which makes it easier for our customers to understand our offering.

How is the change visible for my company?

The name of TeliaSonera Finland Oyj will change into Telia Finland Oyj. Our brand name will change from Sonera to Telia. With the change, our product names, web page and the names of our stores will have the prefix ‘Telia’. 

However, please note that the addresses of Cygate’s and DataInfo’s web pages and webshops will not change.

How will the change affect the quality of my company’s network and services?

The change allows us to clarify our services and offer you improved opportunities to renew your business with the help of digitalisation.

Will the agreement prices change?

The change will not affect the agreement prices of our corporate and institutional customers.

How will the change affect my agreements, services and products?

The change will not affect the agreements or the characteristics of services or products. The change means that new agreements will be drawn up under the name of Telia Finland Oyj, and that as a rule, the names of services and products will start with the name Telia. 

Which country’s law will be applied to our customer relationship in the future?

We are a Finnish subsidiary, which means that Finnish legislation applies to us and our customer relationships.

Does the change constitute grounds for dissolving the agreement, if we want to end our cooperation?

The change does not constitute grounds for dissolving the agreement.

Will the change cost me something?

No, the change will not cost our customers anything.

What is Telia known for globally?

A smart watch that gives advance warning of heart attacks. NATO troops surfing on a fast 4G network and a robot that makes the lives of children with CP easier. Telia is all this and more.