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For large enterprises

Could your company benefit from smarter networking solutions or streamlining processes with IoT services? Is your company data safe? Stay future-proof with our customizable, flexible ICT solutions.

Data networks

Business depends on the operation of data networks. Our company network solutions are suitable for companies of different sizes and flexibly adaptable to various and changing needs.

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Data center services

Our domestic data centers combine reliability, security and flexibility all into one energy-efficient colocation solution. We provide a whole range of scalable networking, cloud and IT services, and an overview of your services.

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Internet of things

Reliable and secure high-speed network connections form the foundation for the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is a growing and adaptive technology, on top of which you can build countless customized applications in different industries.

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Cyber security

Sustainable digital business cannot exist without cyber security – and that is why it's always built into our services. Our subsidiary Telia Cygate designs, optimizes and provides information security for your entire IT infrastructure, from data centers to the cloud, both in Finland and globally.

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Telia Cygate’s specialists are here to help whenever your company needs technical support. Our trained and certified specialists maintain your IT environment and help you if problems arise. Monitoring performance is made easy with comprehensive status views and analyses on your digital processes and the user experience of your services.

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