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Networking at the speed of business

Agility plays a key role in digitalization. Telia SD-WAN company network service adapts flexibly to your business demands.

Why is SD-WAN the one?

Forget about managing a variety of connections and devices – with SD-WAN you can manage the company network centrally from the cloud. The programmable company network is created virtually over any IP connection, so you can freely choose the connection that best suits your needs. Thanks to the automation of network functionality, the network adapts quickly and flexibly to your rapidly changing business demands. Contact us to hear more about our SD-WAN solution.

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Benefits of the service


In SD-WAN, network management is separated from the customer devices in the offices and centralized into the cloud in accordance with the principles of Software Defined Networking (SDN). Key features include concentrated, application-level visibility and traffic management. The network functionalities are virtualized (Network Function Virtualization, NFV), which enables automation of the network and, furthermore, fast changes. Moreover, supplementary networking services can be deployed on-demand, either in the cloud or as software operating on the offices’ customer devices. Telia’s SD-WAN service is based on open SDN standards such as the OpenFlow protocol, and the service is developed according to the customer-oriented Lean Service Creation model.

What can SD-WAN be used for?

Use the cloud-based company network independently or as part of a network solution consisting of several company networks.

What does SD-WAN include?

Basic features
  • IPSec-encrypted company network over any IP connections*
  • Traffic routing from an office directly to the Internet through a simple firewall
  • Real-time status view via a user-friendly customer portal


  • Self-service ordering, fast delivery and straightforward activation
  • A24h service level for customer devices

* IP connections are not included in the service and must be purchased separately. Telia offers a comprehensive range of different types of connections.

Supplementary services
  • Advanced status view
  • Policy-based traffic management
  • DataNet integration
  • Improved service level with a passive or active second device
  • Support for two parallel IP connections

Discover the possibilities of an agile network

Digitalization is changing the world and, consequently, the requirements for company networks. Download our white paper, free of charge, and learn more about the role of future-proof networks.



What type of internet access does SD-WAN operate over?

SD-WAN operates over the IP connections of any operator, whether public or private, fixed or wireless. If you want the services in the office LAN to be accessible from other locations, the connection must include at least one public IP address.

How do I migrate from my current company network to SD-WAN?

The SD-WAN service integrates seamlessly with the existing company networks, such as DataNet. Migration to SD-WAN usually takes place in phases so that SD-WAN is first adopted in sales offices and mobile locations, for example. The use of SD-WAN can then be expanded either by replacing the existing company network service in the remaining offices with SD-WAN, or by using SD-WAN on top of hybrid underlay, i.e., of both DataNet and internet access in the same sites.

How is the operation of the SD-WAN network ensured?

SD-WAN is a cloud-based company network service. Its heart is a redundant and constantly monitored controller located in Telia’s data centre. The availability of services from an individual office depends on the availability of the internet connections and customer devices. SD-WAN provides inherent support for redundant internet connections, reducing the risks related to the availability of internet access. The redundancy is active, which means that the full capacity of the office connections is continuously available. A passive or active second customer device can also be provided for the office.

What kind of data security services are available for SD-WAN?

In a programmable company network, networking and data security are intertwined. In the SD-WAN service, data security is integrated into the network solution and included in centralized management, reducing the need for separate data security services. However, customers can also use advanced data security services provided from their own offices or data centres, or from Telia’s network.

How is the SD-WAN service priced?

As an agile cloud service, also our pricing is as flexible as possible – you only pay for what you use. We provide monthly pay-as-you-go pricing without the need to commit to long contracts. The basic price of the service is scaled according to the number of offices. In addition, an appropriate office package is defined for each office according to their requirements. A range of supplementary services that can be activated with immediate effect are also available.