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Frequently asked questions

Where do I find my PUK code?

If you enter the wrong PIN code three times in a row, your SIM card will be locked for safety reasons. In this case, your phone will ask you for an 8-digit PUK (Personal Unlocking Key) code.

You can check your PUK code by logging in Telia.fi with your mobile phone number. Use the top-right hand corner Login button.

If you’re a private customer, please login here.

If your mobile subscription has been locked and you have not created an account for your company-owned subscription, you cannot check your PUK code on Telia.fi.

In this case, you can:

  • call our Corporate Customer Service 020693693 (mobile call / local network charges apply). Ordering your code will result in a service fee of 9 €.
  • ask the person responsible for your company’s mobile subscriptions to check your PUK code on Corporate Portal.

NB! If the PUK code is entered wrong many times in a row, the SIM card cannot be used. Please refrain from entering any numbers into your device until you find out your PUK code.

Postpone the due date of an invoice

As Telia’s business customer, you can apply for an extended term of payment both for your mobile and your fixed network invoices.
By applying for an extension and paying your invoice within the term of payment you have agreed, you will avoid collection costs. Please note, however, that you will be charged interest for late payment as specified in the Interest Act for any invoices paid after the original due date until the invoice is paid.


You can make a payment agreement in three ways: 

•    Via self-service in Corporate Portal. No separate service charge is charged for this. 
•    By text message. A text message sent to accept a payment agreement costs €0.14 (VAT 0%). 
•    Through Customer Service. For an agreement made in this way, you will be charged a service charge of €9.00 (VAT 0%). 


In Corporate Portal, you can apply for an extended term of payment for your invoice easily and quickly via self-service. 
•    Log in to Corporate Portal
•    Go to the Invoicing section
•    Find and open the invoice whose due date you want to postpone
•    Select Postpone the due date, and you will be proposed a new due date.
•    You can also order a payment reminder to a mobile phone number of your choice.
•    Confirm the changes.

Apply for an extension in Corporate Portal


•    Write the message OSAMAKSU invoice number (e.g. OSAMAKSU 12345678910), if you want to pay the invoice in two instalments, or write MAKSUPÄIVÄ invoice number, if you want to postpone the due date. Send the message to 15400.
•    You will receive an agreement proposal and further instructions by return message.
•    You will not be charged a separate service charge for making a payment agreement by text message. The accept message (HYVÄKSY), however, costs €0.14 (VAT 0%).
•    Accept the agreement by sending the message HYVÄKSY to 15400 (€ 0.14, VAT 0%).
•    By return message, you will receive confirmation of the acceptance of the agreement and the information you need to pay the invoice.
NB: The service is only available for Telia’s mobile subscriptions.


•    The agreement is binding and enters into force when the customer accepts it. To cancel or make changes to the agreement, the customer must contact our Customer Service. 
•    The invoicing company is Telia Finland Oyj or one of its Group companies. The invoicing company has the right to approve or reject the customer’s payment agreement, at its discretion. An extended term of payment cannot be granted, for example, for the first invoice or if the customer has other unpaid invoices. 
•    The invoice must be paid on the agreed date of payment. No separate payment reminder will be sent to the customer. If the customer fails to make the payment, the service provider has the right to close the subscription and take action in accordance with the general delivery terms concerning the service. 
•    An interest for late payment according to the Interest Act will be invoiced for the unpaid amount from the due date of the invoice until the last instalment of the invoice is paid. The interest for late payment will be invoiced on the following invoice.

Email invoice

If you order an email invoice, you will be sent by email a link through which you can view your invoice in electronic format and pay it easily.

You can order an email invoice for a data connection, broadband, fixed-line phone or mobile phone invoice. 


•    You can conveniently save an invoice you have opened in PDF format to your computer. 
•    You can easily transfer the payment data by means of a virtual bar code to your company's online bank.
•    You can print the invoice, if necessary.


•    Any direct payment will remain unchanged.
•    Any call itemization related to the invoice will not be delivered with the email invoice for reasons of information security. 
•    Please ensure that the email box linked with the email invoice is not full, so that the invoice can be delivered. 
•    The link on the email invoice works for 20 clicks, but no longer than a year.
•    Any payment reminders will be sent in electronic format to the same email address as your email invoice.

Order an email invoice in Corporate Portal

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If your email address changes or stops working for any other reason, please don’t forget to let us know.

You can update your email address in the invoicing information section of Corporate Portal.

Change your invoicing information in Corporate Portal

If the update fails for some reason, you can notify us of the new address in Corporate Portal or by contacting our Corporate Customer Service. 

Send a message in Corporate Portal

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Order a payment reminder

If you activate the payment reminder service, you will always receive a reminder a week after the due date. When you pay the invoice within two banking days after receiving the message, you avoid extra reminder charges.

You can order the payment reminder to be sent by email and/or by text message to your phone. 

The payment reminder service also allows you to prevent your subscriptions and services from being closed by paying the invoice immediately after receiving a warning message about the closing. 

The payment reminder service is free of charge to Telia's corporate customers.

Activate the payment reminder in Corporate Portal

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Order a copy of the invoice

All invoices of your company can be viewed in the Invoice Archive of Corporate Portal for 24 months.

You can order copies of your invoices directly to your email. If you want, you can also order paper copies of your invoices or print them on your own printer.

An invoice copy ordered through Corporate Portal is free of charge.

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Make an absence or holiday message

Absence and Holiday Message is a service connected to your mobile phone subscription. It enables you to direct business calls to the person you want.

You can use the service when you are, for example, on holiday, on a course or ill. The message tells the caller when you will be back again and directs your calls to your colleague or the company’s switchboard, for example.

•    Keeps your free time free from business.
•    Serves your customer when you are away.
•    Can be managed online or by text message.
•    Also automatically by means of time control, e.g. during your free time from 17:00 to 09:00.

Read more in our quick guide to Telia Absent Message.

Download the quick guide


Changes to billing or account information

Does your company have a new address or has an employee changed their surname?

You can make changes to your company information if:

  • You have signature rights on behalf of your organization, or
  • You are the designated Telia contact person in your company.

You can make changes in Corporate Portal or our chat. On Corporate Portal, you can easily find all your company information and follow the handling of your request.

Report changes in our chat

Our chat is open on weekdays from 8 AM to 4.30 PM. Open up the chat window at the bottom right-hand corner of our site and tell us about your problem. Our experts will help you.

You can also call our Corporate Customer Support – the contact information is at the bottom of this page.

Report changes in Corporate Portal

Changes to billing address

1.    Log in to Corporate Portal
2.    Choose Invoices and payments → Invoice details
3.    Choose the billing information you want to make changes to
4.    Make the changes, hit save.

Changes to account information 

1.    Log in to Corporate Portal
2.    Choose Manage → Products and services
3.    Find the user whose information you want to make changes to.
4.    Make the changes.

File a fault or disturbance report

We’re here to help:
MON–FRI 8.00–16.30: Start a chat session from the right-hand side of this page. Our experts will assist you straight away.
EVENINGS, NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS (24/7): Create a report by calling our technical services at 020 693 693 (mobile call / local network / international call charges apply).
TELIA CORPORATE PORTAL (24/7): If you are an official representative of your company, you can submit a fault report in Corpote Portal.


Due to modifications of our online shop devices are temporarily available for order on a different platform than mobile plans and broadband subscriptions. Please choose how you wish to proceed. Our online shop is currently only available in Finnish.

Mobile plans and broadband subscriptions


Due to modifications of our online shop devices are temporarily available for order on a different platform than mobile plans and broadband subscriptions. Please choose how you wish to proceed. Our online shop is currently only available in Finnish.

Mobile plans and broadband subscriptions