Access network

Lease subscriber lines, parallel connections and fixed connections from access networks.

Telia's network covers over 70% of Finland. We lease subscriber lines, parallel connections and fixed connections from access networks we own. We can deliver 2 or 4-wire copper subscriber lines within our service area, and optical subscriber lines subject to availability. The access network comprises the network between a cross-connection point of Telia's equipment space (for example, local exchange) or a cross-connection rack of a concentrator and the access point to the public telecommunications network on the customer’s premises.

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Operator change request and authorized termination

An operator change request or authorized termination of a consumer broadband access, submitted to Telia, should include the following information:

  • subscription agreement holder
  • installation address
  • disconnection date

It is also recommendable to provide the access ID (subscription number), which is shown on the customer’s invoice.

In addition, the operator change request should include the network operator access ID.

Operator change requests and authorized terminations can be submitted only by operators that comply with the instructions and practices recommended by FICORA.

Operators can submit operator change requests and authorized terminations through an order system provided by Telia.


Price list (pdf) valid until 28.2.2023

Price list (pdf) from 1.3.2023 onwards

More information about the price lists

The price lists are applied to telecommunications companies that operate their own telecommunications network and that have submitted a notification on telecommunications operations, as required by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland, or that have been granted a telecommunications licence for their operations, and to which FICORA has granted operator prefixes or carrier selection codes for their operations and/or subscriber numbers for connecting subscribers to their telecommunications network.
As regards to traffic products and mobile network products, the application of the price lists also requires that the telecommunications company has concluded an interconnection agreement with Telia Company Finland Oyj or has become a user of TCF’s operator services through the network of a telecommunications company that has an interconnection agreement with TCF.

Telian KPI-luvut

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Laajakaista (Telia verkko-operaattori)

97,40 %

Tilaajayhteydet (Telia verkko-operaattori)

100 %

Viankorjausaika, mediaani


Laajakaista (Telia verkko-operaattori)

22,6 h

Tilaajayhteydet (Telia verkko-operaattori)

96,5 h

Laajakaista (palveluoperaattori)

22,0 h

Vikatiheys/1 000 liittymää


Laajakaista (Telia verkko-operaattori)


Tilaajayhteydet (Telia verkko-operaattori)