Fibre-optic Network

More connected customers.

Fibre-optic network (Avoin Kuitu) solution for fibre network holders

We will help you invest in and implement fibre-optic networks in cooperation with local players. Fibre network holders may be, for example, municipality-owned companies, cooperatives, power companies or telecommunications companies. The fibre-optic network (Avoin Kuitu) service solution connects a regional fibre network with national services and takes care of active network equipment and network maintenance on a 24/7 basis.

More connected customers

The fibre-optic network (Avoin Kuitu) will be built in cooperation with the customers in the area. Avoin Kuitu allows the end customer to select services, and service providers can serve customers everywhere in Finland.

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More connected customers

You will have new ways of succeeding in sales and marketing. The fibre-optic network (Avoin Kuitu) is a profitable investment.

Easy-to-use solution to all parties

As a service provider, you will find it easy to bring services within everyone’s reach, and state-of-art services also guarantee satisfied customers.

Cost-effective total solution

The maintenance costs of the fibre-optic network (Avoin Kuitu) are affordable: the service takes care of activities where economies of scale can be found and takes account of the entire life cycle of the fibre network.

Clear roles ensure continuity

Each party focuses on their core competence and everyone has a common goal. The fibre network, in turn, will continue to be locally owned.

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The fibre-optic network (Avoin Kuitu) operator product for service providers

Nationwide fibre-optic network (Avoin Kuitu) gives service providers an opportunity to serve end customers of regional fibre networks. The service provider can operate either regionally or nationally (one interface to Telia’s nationwide Ethernet network). The fibre-optic network (Avoin Kuitu) operator product is a wholesale product (L2 VLAN) based on Ethernet technology. Service providers using the fibre-optic network operator product will be specified in the portal and in press releases and other materials of the fibre-optic network (Avoin Kuitu) operation model.

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