International network

Connected to world’s number #1 IP backbone

Telia's business backbone combines the largest digital infrastructure in the Nordics and Baltics with the best connected backbone in the world. Arelion's international IP network has grown to be the most extensive in Europe, and it is the third most extensive IP network in the world. Read more about Arelion

Efficiency and cost savings

Tier 1 IP backbone network is one of the most effective and best managed networks, with more routes than any other operator's network in Europe. This makes it possible for your company to unleash its business potential and lower its total costs.

Secure and reliable

Network and management equipment ensure fast and secure transfer of your company’s business-critical IP traffic. In addition, our service level agreements guarantee 99.999% service availability and a data packet loss of less than 0.1%, so you are in good hands.

Increase your company’s capacity

Backbone network is capable of transmitting terabit capacity, which allows your company to transmit more traffic than ever before. You can flexibly diversify your services at your own pace, which makes us an intelligent choice when you want to increase your capacity, both now and in the future.

Forerunner in the industry

We have long and profound experience in the field, which guarantees that we are in the loop with regard to development of new technologies. As a forerunner, we continuously bring new technologies into use in our networks and services, and they act as a benchmark to which other players can compare their performance.