Interconnection traffic

High-quality interconnection solutions for domestic traffic.

We offer high-quality interconnection solutions for domestic traffic to operators operating in Finland. Our services bring the customers and services of all telecommunications operators in Finland within your reach.

Diverse opportunities

Our products allow you to connect with the services of Telia’s telecommunications network and mobile network and provide Telia’s subscribers with an opportunity to use your telecommunications services. Extensive customer potential for your own services.

Wide range of services

Our offering contains cost-effective connections between networks and services associated with traffic transmission, such as connection of numbers, routing planning and tests, number transfer request as a service, traffic routing from desired networks and comprehensive transit to everywhere in Finland.


We can implement the connections using traditional technology, but increasingly often interconnection is implemented with SIP connections. After the interconnection, you can request your new services to be opened through Telia’s networks or other connected networks.

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