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Telia Towers Finland Oy

The leading provider of mast and equipment space services in Finland.

We lease antenna and equipment positions from Telia’s masts and equipment spaces, and also power, both AC power and redundant DC power.

If you are interested in leasing or want more information about the availability of mast or pole space, please submit a contact request (the form is in Finnish).

For further inquiries and details related to the availability of our services, you can also contact us by phone at 020 402 9094 (Mon–Fri 8am – 4pm).

Our services

Check out our mast and equipment space services.

Choose the largest in the country

Our mast services cover all of Finland, from north to south.


See the FAQ's below

How do I find the precise location and availability data of masts?

To find the mast locations and elevations, contact our sales via the contact form on the home page.

What is the minimum lease time for mast space?

The minimum lease is one month or, in special cases, according to agreement.

How can I cancel the lease agreement?

The agreement and, consequently, the billing period, expire upon the customer’s delivery of an unmounting notice document to us. The invoicing will be terminated by the end of the current month.

Who can perform installations in the mast/equipment space?

The customer must order installation/uninstallation from a contractor that has permits required for the installation. If you need help finding a contractor, you can contact us via the form on the home page.

I noticed that a mast has been vandalised or that there are shortcomings identifiable at the site. Whom should I contact?

In case of vandalism and other technical problems, we recommend contacting Telia control centre on 0800 187 877.

My region has really poor mobile network signal. What can be done about it?

In case of mobile network fault and reception problems, consult Telia’s Viat ja häiriöt page

Ask for a quote or details

Leave us your contact information, and we can start a conversation on the best solutions for your company. (the form is in Finnish).

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