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Often, the story of an invoice ends at its payment. What a lost opportunity for a company that for a brief while has caught the attention of what is the most important for it, the customer. Why not take the opportunity at the same time to tell about your own products, services and topical matters?

Picture this: 23 million invoices. That also means 23 million customer contacts.

This number is in the hands of Telia when it sends invoices to its private and business customers. Through e-mail, online banking service or postal service.

“At Telia, an invoice is more than just an invoice. It is also an excellent marketing channel. In our invoices we give our customers tailor-made information about Telia services that suit them, new developments, or wish them a happy Easter, for example,” says development manager Petri Rajala of Telia invoicing.

Marketing researches show that a personalised message is more probably read than a direct marketing letter.

"We can specify our customers’ profiles and potential needs very precisely. For example, if we detect that Telia’s mobile customer is not using Spotify, we can offer the supplementary service for his/her use in an invoice," says director Miika Salo of the Financial Services unit.


Telia's expertise of personalised invoices can also benefit other companies. Telia introduced its new Invoicing service a bit more than a year ago. Its customers include, for example, the city of Helsinki and Kymenlaakson Sähkö, whose main goal is to increase their electronic invoicing.

“We personalise the invoices sent by our business customers according to their needs. Companies use the invoice to highlight their own services and to create additional selling," says Miika Salo.

Telia encourages its own consumer customers to switch to electronic invoices. These days, more than 64% of Telia's invoices are electronic.

"Our Electronic invoices allow all kinds of impressive and fun elements. They are eye-catching with their colourfulness and variations. They are also convenient in that the customers themselves can, for example, postpone the payment date of their invoices. At the same time the workload on Customer service will be reduced," says Miika Salo.

Amused, Salo says he examines the invoices he receives at his home address in a totally new light. "I ponder the types of direct marketing that companies could achieve with their invoices. A car dealer, for example, could offer summer tyres or car accessories as supplementary services to its customers. Marketing directed to the right clientele sinks in well."

If you want to know more about the Telia Invoicing service, please contact Miika Salo, miika.salo@teliacompany.com, 040 302 4904.

You can also learn more about the Telia Invoicing service here.



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