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Mobile Company Network makes mobile working easier

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Alexandria Pankkiiriliike offers its customers high-quality saving and investment solutions. The company was founded in 1996, and over the past 20 years it has grown to be one of Finland’s largest investment service companies with 70,000 customers.

Alexandria decided to pilot the Telia Mobile Company Network service. The aim was to make working easier for the company’s mobile employees and IT specialists. In the Mobile Company Network solution, the user can access the company’s internal network easily without separate authentication, also when not in the office.

The service is managed via a user interface in Telia’s Corporate Portal. The user interface allows the customer to introduce the service and make changes − for example, add new subscriptions to the service or grant access rights − easily and in real time.

Alexandria selected investment advisers to pilot the service. Thanks to the Mobile Company Network solution, the pilot users can access the company’s CRM system from their own workstations without a separate application also when not in the office. The authentication service that the company used earlier occasionally caused connection problems, and investment advisers were then disconnected from the CRM system.

In the Wireless Company Network solution, the company’s workstations are all the time connected virtually to the company’s internal network. Alexandria’s IT specialists can thus provide support for the investment advisers even when these are not in the office.

"As compared with the previous solution, our users now skip one step, which means that our investment advisers can access the CRM system more quickly. Also, the connection problems and service breaks we used to have are now a thing of the past, thanks to Mobile Company Network,” says Timo Partanen, IT Manager at Alexandria. “Remote computers must have up-to-date information security solutions, in order that the internal network could be accessed securely. Also, it is important to instruct users on information security,” he says.

“In the Mobile Company Network service, end users can access the services and applications of the company’s internal network wherever they are, using a mobile terminal device of their choice,” says Telia’s Anssi Kilpeläinen, responsible for service development. “The customer can make changes to the service and start using it whenever they want − the changes take effect immediately.The service does not require long commitments: it is a cloud service subject to monthly charging, and the customer can terminate it via the user interface when they so want,” he continues.

Mobile employees must have easy access to the services and applications of the company’s internal network, such as the CRM system. The connections must operate without breaks, and user management must run smoothly. IT specialists must have the possibility of connecting to terminal devices of users who are on the move.

In the Mobile Company Network service, mobile employees can access the company’s internal network without separate authentication.

Mobile Company Network enables end users to access the company's systems quickly and without breaks. IT specialists can easily provide user support, as the workstations are all the time connected virtually to the company's internal network. New users and offices can be added and removed in real time by using the management tool in the portal. Furthermore, all supplementary services and changes become available to the customer without delay.

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